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-Trish Sanyal  of Bronze Magazine,    

I love my candles from the Occoquan festival. Thank you for rubbing the soy wax on my hand - I never knew it had that benefit as well!!

-Lisa Raye
LOVE Khreativ Kandles!!!! Just got a new apartment and my whole place smells like Pumpkin Souffle!!! Thanks so much! I've got to order more!

-Atlanta Tastemaker Magazine Editor's Pick,
-Daymond John (Twitter), November 2013
We’ve tested seven of Khreative Kandles products
and we not only love how the candles burn down
evenly, but how the candle can double for a skin moisturizer
when melted because the company uses soybeans
and essential oil blends that are safe for the skin.
-K. Call,   
I HIGHLY recommend ANY product from this line because they are all absolutely FABULOUS!  I’m very into setting the mood and lighting rooms up with as many candles as possible.  You can never have enough candles!  As soon as I lit this baby up my room was transformed into a green tea and lily paradise. A clean atmosphere and candlelight really set the mood and gave me an excuse to sit back and truly enjoy the wonderful world I just created by simply lighting a Khreativ Kandle.

On a scale of 1-5, I happily give my Khreativ Soy Kandle  5 bronze stars.